Andrea Cabrera Jakucs, LCSW 97252

Mental Health & Wellness Speaker

Psychotherapist for Adults & Older Adults

Wellness Workshop Instructor

My Journey to Wellness

I stumbled upon social work through my role of managing a residential facility for adults diagnosed with mental illness. The residents would often talk to me about their difficulties so I found myself listening and providing support. I also have seen my loved ones struggle with their own mental health which motivated me to pursue my Master in Social Work with an emphasis on Adults and Healthy Aging at the University of Southern California. 

As a licensed clinical social worker, I offer a variety of mental health services. Today I provide individual psychotherapy to a range of clients to include Filipino immigrants, African-Americans experiencing stress, and adults diagnosed with Depression, Anxiety, and/or other mental health conditions. I also conduct wellness workshops such as Mental Health First Aid, anger management, dimensions of wellness, and more for different organizations. In addition, I am an experienced speaker and have presented at conferences and community events across California to discuss cultural humility in providing mental health services, the stigma of mental illness, and to encourage individuals to seek mental health services. My work has been featured in different news outlets such as Balitang America and Canada's Omni News. I am passionate about wellness and deeply care about providing the highest quality of mental health services for my clients. 

I am a current member of the Filipino Well Being Collaborative and Entrepinay. I'm also a board member of the California Social Welfare Archives and chair of the Health & Human Services Committee of the Historic Filipinotown Coalition.


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