Hi, I'm Andrea.

I am a Filipino-American Licensed Clinical Social Worker who helps adults and organizations BE WELL & STAY WELL.

At Wellness with Andrea Jakucs & Associates, I provide 


Have you found yourself saying any of the following?

“Life has been tough lately."

“I'm having a hard time with my relationships.”

“I want to get better.”

“I want to learn about wellness and/or mental health conditions.”

"I want to talk about mental health with coworkers and friends but I'm unsure how to start the conversation."

If your answer is yes, then consider our services.



Psychotherapy for Stress, Depression, Anxiety, Trauma, Grief and Loss

Wellness Workshops for Individuals, Couples, and Organizations

Speaking Engagements


Reviews & Feedback


"Andrea Jakucs and I worked together in providing mental health services to adults diagnosed with a variety of mental health conditions. Andrea provided updates on each of her client’s concerns and treatment progress in psychotherapy which I took into consideration with regards to medication adjustments. Andrea is highly skilled, professional, caring, and was overall a great psychotherapist to work with. It was wonderful seeing our clients move towards recovery."

Dr. Suad Kapetanovic

“The virtual wellness event was good and informative. The speaker was great and speaks/explains clearly. She uses language or words that I can understand. Listening to her, I am reminded that I have to take care of myself... of my wellness. Thank you very much.”


Wellness Workshop Participant

"Thank you so much for taking the time out tonight to talk to some of our students about your journey in social work. I so enjoyed hearing your story and how your hard work and determination has paid off. Your grit and determination is really inspiring."

Amanda K. Decker 
Senior Development Officer

Other Past Clients


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"You need positive connection with people. It's harder now with COVID 19, but we have our phone, we have our Facetime, Instagram, Zoom call like this. I really encourage you to utilize that to maintain your emotional well being."

-Andrea Cabrera Jakucs, LCSW on staying well during the pandemic


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